Links and Things

Blogs I Like:

Allie in the South of Spain
Follow expat Allie in her new life in Seville.

The Little House on Prairie
Andie’s adventures in new-homeownership and subsequent craftdom.

Science Blogs: Respectful Insolence
Orac’s stance on “medical” quackery is refreshing and reassuring.

Other Sites I Like:

Bear Puns.
Bears. Huzzah.
Word a Day.
Words. Huzzah.

Best Buzzes:
19 Highly Important Zoo Animal Reviews
Animals can be such assholes.

23 Ironic Spelling Mistakes on Twitter
22 Reasons Why Commas Are the Most Important Things in the World
People can be such assholes.

The Rest:
Follow me on Pinterest at grinandbearpack.

Mmhmm. You know that’s right.



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