2016 and I’m Baaaack… Again… Seriously… For Reals This Time… Probably

New Year.  New Resolutions.  Well, new month in a new year.  So, I’m still a little late.  

February. It is what it is.  Hey, I’ve been super busy. Hulu isn’t gonna watch itself.

Obviously, this year, I will be exercising frequently, cutting carbs, giving up my history of quick and harsh judgements, reading daily, saving money, and initiating a program for #worldpeace.  That goes without saying.

(I began using #hashtags ironically.  Now, I legit can’t stop using them).

I am also recommitting to my blog.  #noexcuses

So, what shape will the blog take this year? It will most likely be a continued mashup of mommery in Grand Rapids, a renewed reading reviewry, a space for my continued philosophical pursuit of justice in the blight of humanity (aka “rants about stupid folk and their stupid behavior”) and a personal record of the (spoiler!) growing bear pack. (Not me.  No, not me).  

Oh, and let’s not forget: my altogether awesomery.  



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